Understanding and Improving the ROI of VSAT Networks

Abstract: Teleport operators and technology providers share insights on achieving greater efficiencies and reduced costs in the deployment of VSAT networks for multiple markets.

Download the report (download pdf, 1,96 MB)

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Integrasys announces carrier ID detection

Abstract: Integrasys has developed support for Carrier ID (CID) interference detection on both its CMS products - on ControlSat, the fastest carrier monitoring system on the market, and the VectorSat carrier-under-carrier detection system.

Integrasys has been working with IRG (Satellite Interference Reduction Group) following the CID initiative for minimizing broadcaster interference thus providing reliable transmissions for events such as the World Cup and Olympics. (download pdf, 334 KB)

Satellite Executive Briefing June 2014

Abstract: This article, published on the Satellite Executive Briefing monthly magazine focuses on Satmotion Pocket capabilities with iDirect remotes. iDirect started working with Integrasys on the iDirect remote commissioning solution to further develop Satmotion Pocket features and to support new remotes and releases such as the iDX3.2 software release. (download pdf, 534 KB)

High Throughput Satellite Monitoring Challenges

Abstract: this paper explores Ground Station challenges related to monitoring High Throughput Satellites (HTS). A fundamental difference to existing satellites is that HTS are linked to ground infrastructure through a feeder link using a regional spot beam that dictates the location of possible teleports. The article explains how Integrasysí CMS is able to minimize the investment significantly by using this HTS cost effective solution. (download pdf, 335 KB)

More Accurate MILSATCOM Deployments In The Field

Abstract: In military missions, soldiers face a major challenge in pointing, lining up, and commissioning a VSAT antenna. Today, a new technology facilitates VSAT line ups in the field, minimizing the time and resources required to establish the commission. This solution is called Satmotion Pocket. iDirect has added Satmotion Pocket to its product portfolio as the iDirect Remote Commissioning Solution in order to automate and speed up remote commissioning of iDirect networks. (download pdf, 1.72 MB)

iRG is more than CID with Integrasys contribution

Abstract: This paper looks at current initiatives and improvement to combat satellite interference mainly through enhanced detection and monitoring technologies, (download pdf, 345 KB)

Minimize the investment by using auto-commissioning systems

Abstract: this paper focuses on the needs for auto-commissioning systems ahead of the new satellite generation with 10 times more capacity which is expected to catch three million users in the coming years. (download pdf, 659 KB)

VSATs Installation Tools for Cost Effective Deployment

Abstract: This white paper describes the features and benefits of the new pocket-sized tool generation prepared to reduce the cost of VSAT installation in a consumer market.
(downloadpdf, 1.96 MB)

New technologies applied to Carrier Monitoring Software Systems

Abstract: This white paper describes the evolution of satellite carrier monitoring systems (CMS) during the latest years and how the new technologies can provide solutions to the emerging scenarios.
(download pdf, 248 KB)

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