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Integrasys was established in 1990 to provide signal monitoring software solutions for the satellite, broadband and telecommunications market. The company values speed, flexibility, efficiency and scalability in its products.

Today, Integrasys is devoted to developing new strategic alliances with manufacturers, integrators and operators in the satellite ground station sector.

Amy Saunders spoke with Juan Carlos Sanchez, CEO at Integrasys, about the company's operations, and the ins and outs of the VSAT market.

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Delivering Connectivity to the Unconnected

For rural communities, connectivity is essential to allow the same opportunities that are available to those in urban communities.

Recently, Optus was contracted to supply capacity to one of Integrasys' wholesale channel partners to enable autonomous migration and rollout of 2,100 sites in rural communities throughout.

With the support of VT iDirect technology, Satmotion Pocket, and Integrasys, all provided the wholesaler the ability to seamlessly and successfully accomplish this task.

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Further Evolution In Satellite Technology

Recently, VT iDirect was awarded by Entel Chile for the provisioning of a Universal Satellite Hub and several Evolution© remotes for the rural VSAT market.

iDirect leverages Satmotion Pocket from Integrasys as the iDirect remote commissioning solution for intelligent and quick deployment of VSATs, being used by Entel Chile for auto-commissioning their VSATs without contacting the NOC.

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Satellite made easy with Smarter Tools

High Throughput Satellites (HTS) are changing the satellite business model by multiplying the capacity up to 100 times the FSS capacity; In this HTS scenario the entire beam performance or even the entire network can get degraded by the effect of a single remote.

More than ever, the VSAT industry needs to get smarter after installation to ensure the network continues to operate accurately and without degrading performance or creating interference.

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The Role of VSAT in Disaster Recovery

Satellite communications, and in particular VSAT systems, have an important role to play in disaster recovery and emergency response.

In this Satellite Evolution article, Alvaro Sanchez, Director of Sales and Marketing at Integrasys, outlines the role of VSAT terminals for emergency communications in times of disaster.

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HTS Networks Are Taking Off

The introduction of next generation spacecraft into the satellite communications market is well underway, with these new spot beam HTS offerings promising more capacity, higher throughputs, stronger efficiencies and a lower cost per bit delivered.

Only through the proper selection of complementary ground equipment solutions will higher performance levels and more cost-effective economics become a reality.

The combination of Comtech EF Data's Heights Networking Platform with the award-winning Satmotion Pocket commissioning tool enables the service providers that will be successful in these markets to tie infrastructure and operating costs to revenue while providing the differentiated service that is needed today to stand above the noise of "me-too" offerings.

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GEOBEAM helps deployment of wireless networks for mission-critical disaster-relief organisations in EU project ICARUS

GEOBEAM helps deployment and self-management of wireless networks for mission-critical disaster-relief organisations in the EU-funded project ICARUS, which develops integrated systems for assisted rescue and unmanned search operations.

As a member of the ICARUS consortium and leader of the communications provisioning work-package, Integrasys has extended the capabilities of the GEOBEAM product to support planning, monitoring and optimisation of an integrated multi-radio tactical network designed in the project to fulfil the new demands of high-tech search and rescue teams.

During the final project demonstrations conducted at the Roi Albert Camp of the Belgium Army in the first week of September, the extended GEOBEAM tools have shown to provide high-value support for mission commanders along different mission phases.

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Satmotion streamlines the Axesat installations in Mexico

Satellite service provider Axesat has implemented iDirect's Remote Commissioning Solution to help accelerate the commissioning of its Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) remotes. The iDirect Remote Commissioning Solution is based on Integrasys Satmotion product and allows Axesat to autonomously point and adjust its antennas, streamlining the overall commissioning of its X1, X3 and X5 remotes. Read the entire article

Innovative Antenna Aligment on Maritime Vessels

Satmotion simplifies the commissioning to minimize the satcom knowledge required on vessels and to be able to lineup in seconds saving time and resources on the network deployments, migrations and maintenance. Read the entire article

Interference Mitigation Tour at ComunicAsia 2015

The Satellite Interference Reduction Group (IRG) has announced the return of its interference reduction tours at CommunicAsia, from June 2nd to 5th. Integrasys will be one of the stops of this popular tour, where it will be showcasing to participants its latest technologies in Carrier Monitoring Systems and VSAT Interference Identification Systems. Read the full story

Teamcast and Integrasys Collaborate for CID Insertion and Monitoring

Teamcast and Integrasys have now combined their technologies and expertise for testing and demonstrating new opportunities offered by CID insertion and spectrum monitoring. Read the full story

TeamCast and Integrasys Collaboration

Teamcast and Integrasys, two industry leaders in solutions for satellite transmission and monitoring have combined their technologies and expertise for testing and demonstrating new opportunities offered by CID insertion and spectrum monitoring. Read the full story

Integrasys Satmotion SNG Does Away With Real-Time NOC and Broadcaster Coordination Necessities

Integrasys has released Satmotion SNG for automating the Occasional Use Line-Ups without the need of real time coordination among the NOC operators and Broadcasters. Satmotion SNG provides the feedback from the NOC measurement via cellphone, laptop or glass software with very intuitive interface. Read the full story

Integrasys 25th Anniversary at Satellite show

Integrasys is speaking and exhibiting at the Satellite 2015 show that will take place at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center (Washington, D.C.) from March 16 to 19, 2015. Read the full story

Integrasys Q&A at Satellite Evolution Asia

Satellite Evolution speaks to Integrasys to discuss their Satmotion Pocket technology and other innovations as well as challenges of HTS and plans for the future Read the full story.

Integrasys awarded with Technology Innovation of the Year Award at SATCON NY show

Satmotion Pocket is the most innovative technology worldwide for VSAT commissioning and maintenance, minimizing OPEX time and interferences.

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Integrasys ICARUS Demonstration

Floating and flying robots to assist Search and Rescue operations have been successfully tested and demonstrated by ICARUS partners at CMRE. Read the full story.

Find a Satellite the Easy Way with SatMotion Pocket

iDirect Systems Engineer Mr. Dave Davis explains how to find a satellite the easy way with SatMotion Pocket. Read the full story at iDirect's blog.

Via Satellite - Satmotion Pocket used by GVF Satcom Endearvor Military Training for Satcom deployments on Disaster Preparedness and Emergencies

The Global VSAT Forum (GVF) trains 21 Military personnel on Satcom deployments on Disaster Recovery with the Support of Integrasys and Satmotion Pocket Commissioning tool. GVF worked with 21 militaries in the Asia-Pacific region during Satcom Endeavor, guiding each to achieve GVF Basic Satcom Professional Certification. The eight-day training session focused on learning how to use satellite communications to be ready for natural disasters and other crises.

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Integrasys announces carrier ID detection

Integrasys has developed support for Carrier ID (CID) interference detection on both its CMS products - on ControlSat, the fastest carrier monitoring system on the market, and the VectorSat carrier-under-carrier detection system. Integrasys has been working with IRG (Satellite Interference Reduction Group) following the CID initiative for minimizing broadcaster interference thus providing reliable transmissions for events such as the World Cup and Olympics.
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Integrasys introduces Satmotion for Google Glass

Integrasys has announced the immediate release of Satmotion Pocket Remote Commissioning Solution for Google Glass at CommunicAsia2014 tradeshow, Singapore. As the first Google Glass App especially designed for the Satellite Industry, it allows a VSAT installer to have both hands free for antenna alignment purposes.
This innovative solution enables looking at the critical line up parameters in any condition. Satmotion Pocket is the unique commissioning solution which allows an accurate and easy line up for multiple antennas and modems for deployment of large networks by saving time and resources Read the complete article at Space Newsfeed and World Teleport Association

Satellite Executive Briefing June 2014

This article, published on the Satellite Executive Briefing monthly magazine focuses on Satmotion Pocket capabilities with iDirect remotes. iDirect started working with Integrasys on the iDirect remote commissioning solution to further develop Satmotion Pocket features and to support new remotes and releases such as the iDX3.2 software release. Read the Entire Article...

High Throughput Satellite Monitoring Challenges

Satmagazine June 2014 special edition explores Ground Station challenges related to monitoring High Throughput Satellites (HTS). A fundamental difference to existing satellites is that HTS are linked to ground infrastructure through a feeder link using a regional spot beam that dictates the location of possible teleports. The article explains how Integrasys CMS is able to minimize the investment significantly by using this HTS cost effective solution. Read the Entire Article...

More Accurate MILSATCOM Deployments In The Field

In military missions, soldiers face a major challenge in pointing, lining up, and commissioning a VSAT antenna. Today, a new technology facilitates VSAT line ups in the field, minimizing the time and resources required to establish the commission. This solution is called Satmotion Pocket. iDirect has added Satmotion Pocket to its product portfolio as the iDirect Remote Commissioning Solution in order to automate and speed up remote commissioning of iDirect networks. Read the Entire Article...

iRG is more than CID with Integrasys contribution

This article publised on Satmagazine May 2014 issue looks at current initiatives and improvement to combat satellite interference mainly through enhanced detection and monitoring technologies, Read the Entire Article...

Minimize the investment by using auto-commissioning systems

Satmagazine March 2014 special edition presents an article by Integrasys Sales and Marketing Manager, focusing on the needs for auto-commissioning systems ahead of the new satellite generation with 10 times more capacity which is expected to catch three million users in the coming years. Read the Entire Article...

Satellite Markets Research

Satellite Markets Reserch magazine analyses how new handheld devices and smart phone apps help installers set up VSAT transmit sites in rapid time, while also minimising radio frequency interference (RFI) which continues to be a difficult issue for operators and users. Read the Entire Article (pages 11-16)

Satellite2014 Press Release

On Tuesday 11th, at 5pm INTEGRASYS will host the most interesting IRG Carrier Monitoring workshop at booth 9127, SATELLITE 2014 tradeshow, Washington DC; right after the Interference Reduction panel table and Carrier ID tour. Read the Entire Article...

Satellite2014 Press Release

INTEGRASYS is going to launch GeoBeam the Link Budget Calculation and Beam Designer at SATELLITE Show! Do not miss the opportunity to know about the newest product from the Satellite product line which allows to calculate the forward and return Link Budget fast, with an extreme accuracy. Read the Entire Article...

Space Newsfeed

Microcom's Space Newsfeed publishes an article on Integrasys SatmotionPocket VSAT pointing & line-up tool which enables minimization of interferences in a pocket solution. Read the Entire Article...

Satnews Daily

Integrasys S.A. has unveiled a new Satmotion Pocket VSAT Pointing & Line-Up Tool for Auto Commissioning VSAT installations, based on the idea of providing to the installer the spectrum information of the continuous wave (CW) carrier used to line-up as received by the network operations center (NOC) in a very simple interface on Tablets and Smartphones. Check Satnews Headlines or Read the Entire Article...

Global VSAT Forum

INTEGRASYS has recently joined Global VSAT Forum (GVF), which is the largest VSAT vendors representation. See the company profile.

Integrasys joins WTA

WTA is the largest Teleport Association. INTEGRASYS has joined this group with the purpose of providing the Teleports with the Best Carrier Monitoring Systems and Interference Minimization Tools. See the company profile.

Integrasys joins iRG

In November 2013 Integrasys joined the Satellite Interference Reduction Group (IRG), an international initiative promoting advanced research & technology for combating and mitigating radio frequency interference in Satellite communications.

ESA News

Integrasys reached success completion of the SESAR SWIM Master Class with the INTEGRA-AIR prototype

Integrasys has successfully reached the completion of the SESAR SWIM Master Class organized from June to October 2012 where we’ve developed and demonstrated a SWIM-Enabled Airline Information Service use case, as published in the SESAR website.

INTEGRA-AIR, the name of the Integrasys application, provides value-added information services to the airlines and their potential customers and real time information about changed and delayed flights, connection with other flights and with ground transport services, hotels shuttle services close to the airport, etc.

CERN uses White Rabbit Technology to Verify Neutrino Speed

CERN has successfully applied the White Rabbit technology to improve the neutrino speed measurements initially performed by the OPERA experiment. White Rabbit technology permits synchronizing up to 2000 nodes separated by up to 10 kilometers, with a precision of 1 nanosecond. Read the Entire Article...

Aerospace Cluster

Integrasys is one of the seven new partners that recently joined Madrid Aerospace Cluster, which targets to integrate the whole value chain linked with the aerospace sector (companies, research centers and training institutions, both public and private). Read the Entire Article...

Satlabs News

Integrasys announces launch of a new Satmotion Pocket generation, compliant to latest Satlabs harmonised monitoring and control recommendations and their accompanying DVB-RCS MIB specification. Read the Entire Article...

ESA Telecommunications

The recent article published by the European Space Agency ESA Telecommunications Website analyses the advantages of Integrasys ALUSAT and Satmotion products from a practical prespective and remarks their benefits for both the DVB-RCS Satellite Network Operators and the RCST installers. Check the Headlines or Read the Entire Article...

SatNews Daily

Satnews Daily refers to the new generation of low-cost VSAT line-up tool that was recently presented at the anual International Broadcasting Convention (IBC 2006). Read the Entire Article...

IBC Daily

Integrasys introduces Satmotion Pocket next generation at IBC 2006. During the International Broadcasting Convention, Integrasys S.A. will demonstrate a new release of Satmotion Pocket vsat pointing & line-up tool based on the idea of providing to the installer the spectrum information of the CW carrier used to line-up as received by the NOC. Read the Entire Article...

Space Newsfeed

Integrasys conducts VSAT Line-up at the European Space Agency (ESA) showing two-way terminal installation tool without hub co-ordination. Read the Entire Article...

Satellite Evolution EMEA

Spanish Satellite service provider Hispasat has certified INTEGRASYS' SatmotionPocket to be fully compliant to its radio and IP broadband hub systems requirements. The Integrasys tool has been integrated at Hispasat hub station to perform the line-up and commissioning of Satellite Interactive Terminals (SIT). Read the Entire Article...

SatNews Daily

Several satellite specialised magazines inform this week about Integrasys' recently awarded US Patent for a Satellite & Terrestrial Remote Monitoring System For Wireless Handheld Mobile Terminals. A total of 18 claims have been granted. Read the Entire Article...

Satmagazine Vol.2 No.7 presents the latest trends on VSAT Installation Tools for cost effective deployment in the consumer market. The article focuses on the problems VSAT installers are currently facing and the solutions now available on the satellite market. Read the Entire Article...

SatNews Daily

The article published in Satnews Daily echoes the recent introduction of the new military version for Integrasys Satellite Terminal Line-up Tool based on Itronix rugged PDA model Q100. Read the Entire Article...

Space Daily

Space Daily informs about the features and benefits of the new Satmotion Pocket military version. The article analyses the possibilities that this new rugged platform provides for enhanced operation under demanding environmental conditions. Read the Entire Article...

Talk Satellite

Talk Satellite highlights the introduction of the new military version for the Satellite Terminal Line-up Tool based on Itronix rugged PDA model Q100, specifically designed to simplify VSAT communications deployment and installation under demanding environmental conditions in the battle field. Read the Entire Article...

Satellite on the Net

Integrasys SatmotionPocket is featured September 2003 Satellite on the Net Product of the Month. Read the Entire Article...

Space Daily

Space Daily informs about the introduction of Integrasys wireless Internet based remote satellite carrier line-up tool, that works on a commercial PDA and supports Wi-Fi, cellular or sat-phone connections to remote satellite monitoring stations via Internet. The article further analyses its main characteristics and potential applications. Check the Headlines or Read the Entire Article...

Space Newsfeed

Space Newsfeed describes the main features offered by the recently released version of SatmotionPocket with enhanced support for Wi-Fi PDAs. Read the Entire Article...

SatNews Online Magazine

Satnews informs about the introduction of Satmotion Wi-Fi for Performing Remote Satellite Carrier Line-ups on a Wi-Fi PDA. Check the Headlines or Read the Entire Article...

Talk Satellite

Talk Satellite informs about Satmotion Wi-Fi, the recently introduced product for performing remote satellite carrier line-ups on Wi-Fi PDA. Check the Headlines or Read the Entire Article...

SatNews Online Magazine

Satnews Magazine announces the availability of the online SatmotionPocket demo. This product provides Satellite Interactive Terminal (SIT) installers with a pocket solution for performing adjustments in the uplinked carrier. Check the Headlines or Read the Entire Article...


Satnews Online Magazine covers the International Satellite and Communications Conference and Exposition (ISCe) event and analyses its impact in the satellite industry. Integrasys General Manager participated in the panel discussions featuring some of the most prestigious experts. Check the Headlines or Read the Entire Article...

Space Daily

Space Daily analyses the features and possibilities of Satmotion Pocket. The Mobile Satellite Users Association (MSUA) comes also across the news. Read the Entire Article...


The innovative solution for performing Satellite Carrier Line-ups using a Palm Cell Phone is introduced in this SatNews article. Check the Headlines or Read the Entire Article...

BeaconSeek Ltd

BeaconSeek Ltd. echoes the latest mobile monitoring solutions promoted by Integrasys, considering them as "a very cunning way for installers to perform a line up in the field".


INTEGRASYS introduces new Satellite-Signal Monitoring unit. Read the Entire Article...

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